The article describing the construction of the Agrimonia dataset is public.

The article describing the construction of the Agrimonia dataset is public.

The article describing the construction of the Agrimonia dataset is public.

The Lombardy region in Italy is known to have some of the highest pollution levels in Europe due to factors such as poor air circulation and high emissions. There is a general consensus within the scientific community that the agricultural sector significantly contributes to this issue. To support research aimed at quantifying the impact of the agricultural and livestock industries on air quality in Lombardy, the article presents a comprehensive dataset that includes daily records of air quality, weather patterns, emissions, livestock density, and land and soil use from the years 2016 to 2021. The daily records are obtained by averaging hourly data and interpolating other variables. The dataset sources pollutant data from the European Environmental Agency and the Lombardy Regional Environment Protection Agency, weather and emissions data from the European Copernicus programme, livestock data from the Italian zootechnical registry, and land and soil use data from the CORINE Land Cover project. This harmonized dataset is intended to be directly used by researchers in need of air quality data.

The building process of the Agrimonia dataset have been published in:

A. Fassò, J. Rodeschini, A. Fusta Moro, Q. Shaboviq, P. Maranzano, M. Cameletti, F. Finazzi, N. Golini, R. Ignaccolo, and P. Otto (2023). Agrimonia: a dataset on livestock, meteorology and air quality in the Lombardy region, Italy. SCIENTIFIC DATA, 1-19.

available here.

The AgrImOnIA dataset is an extensive collection of data that examines the correlation between air quality, livestock density (measured in bovine and swine breeding), weather, and various other factors. This dataset marks the initial phase of the AgrImOnIA project, and its objective is to provide an avenue for evaluating the impact of agriculture on air quality in Lombardy. Using statistical methods, the dataset aims to uncover the link between the livestock industry and the concentration of air pollutants.

The dataset presented here comprises of approximated daily values for various dimensions such as air quality, meteorology, emissions, livestock animals, and land use. The data pertains to Lombardy and its adjacent regions from 2016 to 2021. The neighboring areas are obtained by extending a 0.3° buffer around Lombardy’s borders.

The data uses several aggregation and interpolation methods to estimate the measurement for all days.